Something for everyone

Handgun Basics

 Introduction and Foundational Classes

Basic Handgun

This course is specifically designed for individuals with little to no experience with pistols and revolvers but have the desire to learn how to shoot proficiently. 
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Handgun Maintenance

This course is designed to teach you the proper way to clean and maintain your handgun.
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Intro to Firearms and Gun Safety

Kids intro to Firearms is a 2 hour course for both the parents/guardians and their children in both the classroom and the indoor range.
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 Intermediate and Advanced Classes

Concealed Carry

Get prepared to have the confidence, knowledge and skills needed to be able to safely carry a concealed firearm.
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Next Steps - Shooting Proficiency

Practice makes perfect! If you are signed up or planning on signing up to take the North Dakota Concealed Carry Class, this is the perfect course to prepare you for success. Learn more

Defensive Handgun 1

Learn drills that you can practice that will make you faster and more accurate as well as the most efficient techniques for weapon handling.
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This course will instruct the student on accuracy and control of their firearm.
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This course covers advanced skills and knowledge of shooting a handgun in low light environments.
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 Intermediate and Advanced Classes

Basic AR Carbine

This course is specifically designed for the beginning operator wanting to become proficient with their rifle.
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hunter Education

Foundational course for those interested in hunting.
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Fun Shoots

Date Night, Bowling Pin, and More.

Not your Average Date Night

Have an unforgettable date night! One entry registration is good for 2 people (couple). Dinner will be provided.
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Play battleship like you did when you were a kid in a bracket style tournament.
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Play poker like you do on the computer in a bracket style tournament.
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Dart Night Tournament

Play darts like you do on the computer in a bracket style tournament.
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Shoot 9 bowling pins off of a ledge at 35 yards.
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Guns of Call of Duty

Parent and child will get to shoot 12 guns that they have played with in video games for years.
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Private Instruction

Spartan Firearms expert NRA Certified private instructors are exceptional at showing you how to set and accomplish your goals with pistol or rifle training.