Gunsmithing Services at Spartan Firearms

Our 3 on-site gunsmiths bring over 30 years of expertise. Each of our gunsmiths is either law enforcement certified or military certified and can help you with any needs you might have.

Why Would I need A Gunsmith?


  • Your firearm needs to be cleaned
  • Your firearm is broken and needs to be fixed
  • Your firearm is missing parts 
  • You want to add features your firearm
  • You want to install modifications on your firearm
  • You want to build a custom firearm
*Spartan Firearms gunsmiths reserve the right to say “we will not do that” to your gun
*In some instances – guns are sent to other ND gunsmiths to have certain work done

What Types of Services Do our Gunsmiths Offer?


  • Clean and oil
  • Safety checks
  • Mount & bore sights
  • Recoil pad installation
  • Broken stock repair
  • Restoration services
  • Muzzle brake installation / Barrel threading
  • Glass Beading / Rifle accurizing services

Questions? Our Gunsmiths Can Help

Call us at 701.838.GUNS (4867)