Basic AR Carbine


This course is specifically designed for the beginning operator wanting to become proficient with their rifle. Instructors are former military and LE officers who have trained hundreds of individuals to get the most out of their AR. Gain the confidence of knowing you fully understand the correct shooting stance, sight alignment, trigger control and operation of the rifle. Explore the vast variety of accessories and receive an understanding of what is truly operationally necessary as opposed to the useless weighted clutter. You will leave this course comfortable and confident with your rifle.

Cost: $85

Course time: 2 hours (class size 10-12) 

Age requirements: 13 years and older (13-17 must be accompanied by and adult 18 and over)

Course Requirements: AR carbine (.223/5.56 only), 200 rounds of ammunition, eye & ear protection and 30 round magazines (minimum of 2)

Skill Level: Basic