Not your Average Date Night


One entry registration is good for 2 people (couple). You will receive a $60.00 gift card for dinner to a local Minot restaurant of your choice.

Please bring: 1-2 Handguns.  Any caliber.  No rifles.  You can share a gun if you only bring 1.  150 rounds should be fine for both, but feel free to bring or buy more.  If you do not have a firearm, you can rent one and purchase ammo.  Eye & ear protection will be provided, if you don’t have your own.

See who’s the best shot in the relationship!

Cost: $145

Course time: 3-4 hours

Age requirements: 18 years and older (if under 21 – you will have to provide your own handgun and ammunition)

Complete the form below if you are interested in this class.