First Steps – Choosing the right handgun


If you have taken our very popular Basic Handgun class, this is the perfect course to progress into selecting which centerfire handgun will be the best fit for you. Our instructors have pre-selected several of the best suited concealed carry handguns, of all sizes and calibers, for you to shoot and evaluate. Our goal is to give you the comfort level and skill level to pick which gun best fits your needs. This course is all inclusive. Spartan Firearms provides handguns, ammunition, eye & ear protection and everything else you need to complete the course.

Cost: $85

Course time: 3 hours

Age requirements: 13 years and older (13-20 must be accompanied by and adult 21 and over)

Skill Level: Basic

Live Fire:

  • 38 snub nose revolver
  • Subcompact frame .380 auto
  • Compact frame 9mm
  • Full size frame 9mm
  • Full size frame .40 S&W
  • Full size frame .45 ACP